Welcome to Badger Financial Services

Welcome to Badger Financial Services

Our goal is to help your business succeed by taming your everyday business transactions and problems.

We’re a small group of professionally trained experts that can strategically target your business financial management needs including representing you before the IRS as Enrolled Agents.
Our financial professionals will analyze your entire operation, identify areas of concerns, and work with you to develop different approaches to enhance your business to work more efficiently, cost effectively, and ultimately more profitably.
Whether it’s a big tax problem or your everyday financial and bookkeeping needs, Badger has the expertise to help you get a handle on your most pressing financial management concerns. Unlike large firms, we can provide personal, face-to-face financial consultation and expertise.

Take a look at us; you’ll find that we can take your business to the next level!

Tax Preparation: Badger Financial Services has evolved from a bookkeeping practice to a professional financial services company.  Our deep accounting experience and background in the day-to-day details of business financial transactions gives us a unique perspective when it is time to prepare your tax returns. You can make the tax return process efficient and seamless by turning over the job to Badger.

IRS Representation:  If you file tax returns, especially as a business, chances are that you will have a dispute with the IRS at some point.  You may be dealing with unresolved disagreements about tax deposits, or questions about a prior year’s federal tax return. You may even be involved in an IRS audit.  Hiring a tax professional to represent you in all communications with the IRS will save you time, money and frustration. At Badger Financial Services, we are Enrolled Agents certified to represent clients with the IRS. We use our training and experience in resolving routine IRS problems to get your tax matter handled in the background while you continue on with your life.

IRS Problems
: If you owe back taxes, or have unfiled returns, your life can be a nightmare. The extensive powers granted by Congress to the IRS allows that agency to reach into every corner of your life: your income, your bank account, your assets, your credit, and your peace of mind.  IRS agents speak their own language, and play by rules that you don’t know or understand. Don’t take on this fight by yourself.

There are numerous options to resolve your tax debt, depending on your situation.  Let the tax professional at Badger Financial Services shoulder the burden for you.  We know the options, the IRS rules, and the best ways to handle your tax problem. Solutions range from installment agreements, tax relief, tax penalty abatement and the release of IRS bank levies and wage garnishments.

Tax Preparation

Save your business time, money and headaches when it comes to taxes. Let the professionals do it right! 

Bookkeeping & Payroll

It's all in the details! Accurate record keeping is essential to your financial health. Badger will keep you organized. From payroll to financial statements, we can help.

Handy Calculators

Handy tools to calculate commercial loan amortization and more

IRS Representation

Don't fight the IRS alone! There are many ways to solve your problem, but you need a trained professional.  Learn how an Enrolled Agent can help you resolve your dispute.


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